Undefasa : Ceramic wall and floor tiles


UNDEFASA belonged in the year 2001 to one of the first ten companies in the world to incorporate the digital ceramic printing in their process for decoration of special pieces with the technology of inkjet decoration.

This determined bid for innovation gave us the possibility to take a great qualitative step forward, both in the production process and in the product design. As a matter of fact, in the last ten years we have been able to develop high added value products, eliminating the former limitations for the ceramic decorations, contributing with a new tool to the already existing in order to obtain differential products.

It is an innovating system of digital printing for ceramic surfaces based in the technology of graphic arts without contact with the media, using inks adapted to the production process of ceramic tiles.

  1. Printing until the edge of the tile, removing in that way the window effect.
  2. Printing in all kind of surfaces, giving a rather realistic product.
  3. High definition and a full range of colors.
  4. A wide variety of tiles, achieving a great quantity of different pieces in the same design.
  5. Positive environmental impact compared to the well-known process of production. 

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